100-mile range on a single charge offered by latest-generation electric cycles and new battery

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Head-turning electric cycles offer great performance and fun sport and urban cycling.

NEC Birmingham, 29 September 2011 – The new 3E Electric range of electric cycles launched at The Cycle Show 2011 provides an unrivalled combination of market-leading features.

3E director, Bill Upsdale says: “Our UK-based design and commercial team has put together electric cycles that, when combined with our latest battery, offer fun, exciting and reliable cycling from eye-catching cycles that will turn heads on the streets. They are easy to maintain and the new optional battery promises up to 100-mile journeys on a single charge.”

They are very competitively priced at between £899 and £1249. So, not surprisingly, they have gained considerable interest from companies planning to offer these as part of the government’s ‘salary sacrifice’ Cycle Scheme. “Our electric bikes are also increasingly being taken up by both cost-conscious commuters and people wishing to make considerable dents in their carbon footprints,” says Bill.

New Electric Cycles – designed in the UK, for the UK and European Markets

We have added two new electric cycles to our 3E Electric family. Designed in the UK for simplicity, reliability and ease of use, the URBAN is an ideal town and commuter bike and the lighter SPORT features Shimano Acera gearing, Tektro disc brakes, wide tyres and adjustable suspension for on- and off-road rides.

Both bikes can be supplied with 3E Electric’s new Mega battery.

New Battery – lighter, smaller, further

“We’re proud to be introducing some incredible smart battery technology at The Cycle Show,” says Bill. Lighter, smaller and with a higher capacity than previous versions, 3E Electric’s new Mega lithium ion battery offers stunning performance of up to 100 miles on a single charge.

“Of course, that’s in good conditions, but tests carried out under ‘typical’ conditions are equally impressive,” says Bill. In fact testing completed in early September 2011 showed that on a single charge, when used for a variety of journeys over several days, the new Mega battery will carry a rider for 86.4 miles, climbing just over 1000 ft and averaging 12 mph.

“Most other manufacturers only offer B- or C-grade batteries, but our new Mega lithium ion battery is A-graded. That means not only is it smaller and lighter, but it also has higher capacity and lower internal resistance; the result is a much longer range and far better cycling experience. And, as with our other batteries, the Mega comes with a full two-year warranty.”

Smart Design for Easy Maintenance

One of the long-running concerns traditional cyclists have had about electric bikes has been their relative complexity. “But we’ve now solved that problem on the City Light Mark II by taking a modular approach to the wiring and construction,” says Bill. “The result is that our new models are incredibly easy to repair, service and maintain. We have simply removed the complexity found in other electric bikes, allowing the same or better performance with a smart and simplified design. We plan to introduce this same concept to our other bikes in the coming months.”

Promotion – Brand and Marketing Campaign

A nationwide branding and marketing campaign is to be launched to support the new range.

“A great product is only part of the story,” says Bill, “which is why we are backing up the launch of the new range with integrated brand and product marketing. We are aiming to make 3E Electric the first-choice electric bike for consumers, whether they are sports, urban or commuter cyclists.”

Prize Draw to Celebrate 10 Years of The Cycle Show

To help celebrate the 10th Cycle Show, 3E Electric is running a prize draw, allowing visitors to its stand to win one of five fabulous prizes – from a set of high quality Akslen cycle lights through to an iPod and a bottle of champagne. To enter the draw, visitors need simply to leave their business cards or contact details on Stand D41.